EXAMO is the unit of the ALCOM group with expertise in the area of crisis and risk management of climate change impacts.

EXAMO is a service that supports operators, local authorities, consortia, water agencies, confederations, municipalities or property managers to manage the risk arising from floods, droughts or other impacts and to improve the resilience of their infrastructures.

Diagnostic inondation
Analyses SIG
Exercices de gestion de crise
PCA inondation


  • Flood diagnosis: an analysis to assess the vulnerability of a site to flooding and identify potential threats to the safety of people and property.
  • Project Management for Relocation of Equipment or Infrastructure: If the diagnosis reveals a possibility of reducing vulnerability, EXAMO can assist with a feasibility study for the relocation of equipment or installation of flood protection, with an estimate of costs.
  • Guidelines or protocole in affected areas: After defining the vulnerability of a site, instructions for site protection are formalised in a document, describing in detail the actions to be taken in case of a major flood.
  • Flood Risk Management Plan (FRMP): EXAMO offers support to improve flood risk awareness, including various measures for this purpose.
  • Crisis management exercices: EXAMO, with its experience in flood crisis management, can develop and run crisis exercices to prepare for a potential flood.


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